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Our parent education sessions give parents an opportunity to experience the benefits of a therapeutic approach that assists with emotional regulation and well being. This workshop enables parents to replenish their energy and learn calming strategies to implement at home.

Erin Hall is an artist who for the last 10 years has specialised in mosaics and currently teaches at Hepworth Studios at Woodford. She is a mother of three girls one who is a client at the Centre. “I use this art to switch off and work through the hard thoughts through the process of laying down andamento (flow lines in mosaic art). We will be working towards making our own lines that we will add to the combined artwork that will live at the centre. We will do this one line at a time. Working with PVA glue and glass tiles and fibreglass mesh. You will be invited to cut the tile and form a line using traditional methods but can also work intuitively to make your own line. I hope this process will bring you some joy and perhaps we can get in the flow of making together maybe you will get hooked as I did...”


2 - 4pm // Saturday 7th May 2022

‘Walk The Line’ mosaic workshop


Cost: $80

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