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If you had asked me two years ago what my experience in business was, I would've told you stories of lacy bras, g-cup fittings, suspenders and what certain customers purchased on a late Friday afternoon. I had taken a diversion, after many years of primary teaching, to start a lingerie and sleepwear retail business in The Strand Arcade. I was going to become Sydney's premier lingerie business owner!

Me (and my mum) with our shop in The Strand Arcade. 2004

Fast forward a few years, I was happily married with two young daughters and casual teaching in my local primary school. Even though this move back to teaching surprised me, I had found the job I was passionate about and good at. In true Sarah-style, I started to seek my next professional challenge! I worked extremely hard to secure a part-time position with the assistant principal of the school who, by default, became my professional mentor. Feeling I had a good handle on the job of classroom teacher, I created my role of STEM specialist, which led to developing the coding and robotics program and taking students to competition at the local and state level.

Which brings us to 2017. The year that brought me (and by me, I mean us!) to the Blue Mountains. We found ourselves purchasing a quaint timber cottage in the suburb of Wentworth Falls and using my husband's words "Three months too early Sarah!". I was saying goodbye to this job in Sydney I loved. I was now moving forward with a life-changing decision and not knowing what my next challenge would be. Well I do now. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Holistic Teacher - the job that has combined my two professional skills of education and business.

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