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Off the beaten track...

Those who know me on a personal level describe me as being passionate, intuitive, honest, creative, who has a tendency to dive head first into things however challenging and an absolute scaredy cat when it comes to watching scary movies.

I thought I’d let you into how The Holistic Teacher was born. 2016 was a pivotal year of change for me. I was teaching in a beautiful little school in the inner western suburbs of Sydney working with some of the best teachers I had ever worked with: a group of highly-skilled, dedicated and hard-working professionals. I was always drawn to those students who seemed to learn differently to others. I was determined to show them that they were just as capable as the others. Always seeking to find the answers with the parents.

In my career I have always chosen jobs that have taken me out of my comfort zone and would enable me to learn more in my career: Kindergarten teacher in Arnhem Land (NT) in a remote aboriginal community, a literacy and maths tutor with high-needs teenage students in an external school setting, Kindergarten teacher in the inner city, community-housing-dense suburb of Waterloo and other classroom teacher jobs in leadership roles.

Back to 2016. I was desperate for a tree change, where we as a family could live in a place surrounded by natural beauty, have a low-toxic life, me do yoga, nourish ourselves with wholesome foods along side a few chickens. And we did it. We sold our lovely Sydney home, moved to the Blue Mountains and started living this life. Except the chickens. They’re yet to arrive.

I didn’t want to teach in the classroom when I arrived here, I wanted to create something of my own: an educational institution that would be for those students who learn differently, yet to be solved, find school and/or learning hard, don’t find learning inspiring. And I’ve done it. I’ve created a place for these students. The Holistic Teacher who is passionate about learning, empowering students with vital life skills of reading, writing and maths and embracing the needs that come my way. Passionate about healthy, enthusiastic learners.

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