OUR Therapeutic TEAM

We specialise in working therapeutically with autistic and neurodivergent children. We help children with their engagement and emotional regulation by using innovative, and sensory-based strategies and resources. All sessions are run by qualified and experienced educators with a therapeutic background.

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The sessions... ​​

  • use science-based experiences that develop wonder and curiosity

  • support language and communication skills

  • help the child to communicate what they need 

  • use real-life concepts to develop real-life skills 

  • are highly engaging and joyful

  • provide guidance, education, and mentoring for adult caregivers

  • support the proprioceptive sensory system

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The sessions...

  • build a child’s confidence by exploring processes and skills through visual art-making

  • deliver a variety of art mediums that are fun and engaging

  • reduce anxiety for the child by taking a gentle, supportive and collaborative approach

  • use multisensory equipment and material that is therapeutic in nature 

  • support the proprioceptive sensory system

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The sessions... 

  • use listening to music as a strategy to reduce anxiety

  • adopt a whole-body approach that explores and discovers music, movement and language

  • use therapeutic music instruments during movement and sound-making activities

  • help the child’s executive functioning and spatial awareness through song and movement

  • support the vestibular sensory system

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Our ECS (Early Childhood Support) Therapy Assistants work directly with the Principal. They follow and continue the therapeutic strategies and activities that have been developed for your child. ECS Therapy Assistant can be either centre-based or off-site. This service is for children who are enrolled in the one-to-one and/or small group sessions.  

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Our future planning team are experts in working with neurodivergent people of all ages. Our clients are able to work with her with transitions through educational environments and NDIS processes. This includes applications to reviews, practical support strategies to assist your child to learn autonomy and parenting strategies within the home.