Sarah and her team have been working with my kids for around a year now. My kids are on the autism spectrum and we’ve tried and failed with other early intervention programs. My kids just don’t want to cooperate.

Sarah and her team are all fantastic but what really stands out to me is how they communicate with my kids. They listen. They tune in to what my kids are saying, not just with words but with behaviour. My kids can be difficult for some people, but somehow for Sarah, Miranda and Ruth they are more than willing to join in whatever fun (and educational) activities they have planned.

Sarah and her team just “get it” when it comes to early intervention, and my kids have fun and are building new skills without even realising it.

After being failed by multiple educators across three different schools, Sarah's unique method has given the children a chance to safely explore the world around them. Her approach is lead by the strengths and interests of my ASD/ADHD children, while gently guiding them through their sessions, and seamlessly weaving in curriculum-based education and adding a therapeutic safe space.

Sarah is sensational. The trust and desire for learning that her company has given this family are exponential. My children glow with happiness and interest when she is in session with them.

Sarah's warmth, compassion and respect for personal boundaries is evident the moment you meet her. Sarah not only offers therapeutic education but she also shows her clients that who they are, matters. For an ASD family, what this does is reassure the children that they don't need to hide and mask because they're already accepted.


When ASD kids don't need to mask/hide, they learn, grow and blossom faster and brighter. Sarah brings a highly individualised therapeutic education to your lives but more importantly, she brings hope.

"Sarah, Miranda and Ruth have all been very adaptable, fun, creative, supportive and very easy-going not only with myself but more importantly my son. The individual plans they have for each child, all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each lesson, for each child, it’s specifically designed to suit your child.

Their approach is to work with the child and meet their needs, with no pressure, has helped my son, engage, focus, ask questions, and his confidence has grown significantly being committed to each and every lesson. It’s been nothing but fun and games without realising he is learning. Even in the times he struggles to focus, their patience and calm presence assure me that’s it okay he is struggling to listen or focus. They keep working with him.

No judgment. No pressure. It is a one-of-a-kind centre with a personal and friendly service. Thank you, ladies. My child loves you guys and hiding your things

"Sarah is a unique professional offering specialised educational instruction. She not only addresses learning goals but also weaves therapeutic elements into each child's learning. A holistic approach such as this is sorely needed in education.


Sarah is passionate, driven, highly professional and serious about her work. Her patience and ability to adapt to the child set her apart from many other educational therapists. She is a rare treasure in this field and offers a considerable contribution to the area of children's educational therapy."

"Sarah is an outstanding mentor to my 13 yr old daughter who has moderate to severe learning needs. She is a tutor and mentors to numerous community members with high needs. As a highly-trained professional, Sarah excels at working one-on-one to meet the needs of individual children she works with. She has been supporting children's learning as a teacher and tutor for over 17 years.


Her play-based learning, calm and tranquil learning environment and genuine care and concern for her clients is impeccable. My daughter has struggled with anxiety in schooling for many years. Since Sarah has been supporting my daughter - for the last 2 months - she has been supported at her level in fun, engaging ways. My daughter's confidence in her own abilities and a new-found resilience shines very brightly because of Sarah's programs.


As a teacher myself, I have skills to meet the needs of students on the spectrum or with additional learning needs, but Sarah is exceptional at what she does and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her as a provider of additional support for children with special needs in our upper-Blue Mountains area."