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"My 7yo, with diagnoses of Autism (level 2), ADHD and Anxiety, has been attending therapeutic art and movement sessions at the Holistic Centre for Neurodiversity for six months.

Their child-focused and child-led one-on-one therapeutic sessions has helped her to understand her reactions to the world around her and started to give her the tools to advocate for her own needs. Her sessions allow her the experience of full engagement in learning as well as the feeling of safety and confidence in a non-home environment.


The staff have been invaluable in identifying strategies in supporting her emotional regulation through sensory inputs, and I've been able to use those as well as their advice to talk with her school about ways they can help her engage productively in the classroom.

I'm so pleased that my 10yo is now also starting therapy at the HCND and I'm looking forward to him, and us, working on his emotional regulation and communication, in a truly neuro-affirming environment." - S.Quinlan

“We are so happy to have found The Holistic Centre for Neurodiversity for our son. It is beautiful to see him thrive in a space where he can be completely himself without being expected to act in a neurotypical way while building skills in communication and emotional regulation.


The small group sessions have been phenomenal with him creating connections and interacting and playing with other children in a way he had never experienced outside of the centre. The one-on-one sessions are his favourite part of the week.

He has only been attending for under six months and the differences in his confidence, connections, and comfort around others have been amazing to witness.

As a neurodivergent person myself and someone who has worked in the field of disability for many years it is very refreshing to find services that focus on neurodivergent children thriving and being themselves rather than being taught to mask to fit in better in a largely neurotypical world.

The staff are all extremely, professional, patient and meet my son at his level each session. He is not judged or expected to be something that he is not but celebrated for his unique talents and abilities.


I would highly recommend this to anyone with a neurodivergent child who wants a centre offering neurodivergent-led therapies for neurodivergent children that achieve positive outcomes in social and communication skills and where children are accepted and celebrated.”  - C.Mason

"It's refreshing to find services that focus on neurodivergent children thriving and being themselves..."

“In the 5 months Alfie has been coming to his 2-hour sessions I have seen my son steadily grow in his confidence. 


“When Sarah first met Alfie she was able to identify that he was often in an anxious, unregulated state, his nervous system very activated by new situations and people. Sarah could see that Alfie is naturally curious, smart and social but he often was in an overwhelmed state. Sarah made it a priority to focus on building a relationship with Alfie first, co-regulating with him to have a safe foundation. 

When Alfie first started attending he would stay very close to me, he would usually say no to activities but this never unsettled Sarah and she always met him wherever he was at, using fun, humour and play. The focus has always been on Alfie feeling safe and empowered, not complying with a set program. 


I now think of Alfie as an excitable curious bird hopping around here energetically - having established he is in a safe environment he can now be himself and take occasional risks like trying new things. 

Alfie is now genuinely happy to be here and I see the pleasure, Sarah, Miranda and Ruth get from seeing him comfortable with them, joining in and sharing his own ideas too.  Alfie now doesn’t need me to be with him constantly throughout the sessions, he checks in occasionally and he is more and more comfortable transitioning between activities and therapists. 

I and others have noticed that Alfie seems happier and more relaxed at school and in social settings.  I think the growth in his self-regulation through the therapeutic relationships here is a part of that. This is also a great environment for parents to be encouraged and supported in celebrating their child’s neurodivergency.” - E.Mccann

"I and others have noticed Alfie seems happier and more relaxed at school and in social settings..."

“Sarah and her team have been working with my kids for around a year now. My kids are on the autism spectrum and we’ve tried and failed with other early intervention programs. My kids just don’t want to cooperate.

Sarah and her team are all fantastic but what really stands out to me is how they communicate with my kids. They listen. They tune in to what my kids are saying, not just with words but with behaviour. My kids can be difficult for some people, but somehow Sarah, Miranda and Ruth are more than willing to join in whatever fun (and educational) activities they have planned.​


Sarah and her team just “get it” when it comes to early intervention, and my kids have fun and are building new skills without even realising it.” - L.Silady Alce

"...what really stands out to me is how they communicate with my kids."

“Sarah, Miranda and ruth have all been very adaptable, fun, creative, supportive and very easy-going not only with myself but more importantly my son. The individual plans they have for each child, all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each lesson, and for each child, it’s specifically designed to suit your child.

Their approach is to work with the child and meet their needs, with no pressure, has helped my son, engage, focus, ask questions, and his confidence has grown significantly being committed to each and every lesson. It’s been nothing but fun and games without realising he is learning. Even in the times, he struggles to focus, their patience and calm presence assure me that’s it okay he is struggling to listen or focus. They keep working with him.


No judgment. No pressure. It is a one-of-a-kind centre with a personal and friendly service. Thank you, ladies. My child loves you guys and hiding your things” - S.Parker

"Their approach is to work with the child and meet their needs, with no pressure..."

“Sarah is a unique professional offering specialised educational instruction. She not only addresses learning goals but also weaves therapeutic elements into each child’s learning. A holistic approach such as this is sorely needed in education.

Sarah is passionate, driven, highly professional and serious about her work. Her patience and ability to adapt to the child set her apart from many other educational therapists. She is a rare treasure in this field and offers a considerable contribution to the area of children’s educational therapy.” - E.Walle

"A holistic approach such as this is sorely needed in education..."

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